Are you affiliated with any denomination?

umc-cross-and-flame-faviconWe are proud to be connected with the United Methodist Church. However, you do not need to be United Methodist to come to St. Paul’s.

What do you believe about the Bible?

If you ask ten different Christians this question, you’ll probably get ten different answers. We believe that the Bible is a divinely inspired text with a myriad of stories about how God has related to humanity over the centuries. We believe the Scriptures are sacred, but we have to be careful about how we interpret them and study them. We therefore interpret scripture through the lenses of reason, experience and the traditions of the church. These lenses help us read the Bible more fruitfully and faithfully.

Am I welcome to take communion?

COREcommunionThe communion table of every United Methodist congregation is open. All are welcome to receive the bread and juice. Participants do not have to be members of our denomination nor do they have to be baptized.

We believe that this sacred act is a channel of the grace of God.

If it is your first time taking communion, we hope that you come forward with open hands and, as you take the bread and dip it in the cup, that you would know and be reminded of the love of God expressed in Jesus Christ.

Can I sing with the choir or praise band?

Yes, of course you can. Just approach either Betsy Marsh (Epworth Choir), Shelly Cowling (Praise Band) or Dr. Jean Randall (Chancel and Wesley Bell Choirs) after the worship service and ask them how you can get involved. We are always looking for people to help out!

Learn more about helping with worship (link here).

Do I have to give money?

You are not required to give money anywhere at St. Paul’s. At each service, there is a time where we pause and give thanks to God for all that God has done for us. One way to give thanks is to return a portion of the blessing that God has given to us back to God. That is why we take up an offering in the service. Keep in mind, however, that there are many other ways to say thank you to God in worship and beyond!

Is there a dress code for any of the services?

No! You can wear jeans, you can wear a suit or dress, or anything in between. It doesn’t matter. YOU are what matters, and you are welcome to come as you are!

Why do people like a traditional service?

St. Paul’s continues to offer a traditional service, or what some would call “high church.” At our 11 a.m. Sunday service, there’s no doubt that you are in church! After the announcements, three chimes ring to remind us that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are with us. The organ plays, and we sing hymns in praise of God from the red or black hymnals. Pastors, the choir and the acolytes process in, wearing robes. Acolytes bring in the cross and the light of Christ. We say the Lord’s Prayer together. We hear a thought-provoking sermon. We leave refreshed and strengthened to be God’s hands in the world.

For many, a traditional service offers depth, comfort and challenge.

What do you believe about baptism?

From the beginning, baptism has been the door through which one enters the church. It was inconceivable to many that one could respond to God’s grace by reciting the renunciations, affirming one’s faith in Christ and loyalty to the Kingdom, without joining the fellowship of those who are committed to mature in that faith. As the “Body of Christ” in the world, baptism commissions us to use our gifts to strengthen the church and to transform the world.

Learn more about baptism in the United Methodist Church.

Why do people like a contemporary service?

St. Paul’s offers a contemporary service Sundays at 9 a.m. Typically, a praise band leads the worship music, we sing with words on the Sanctuary screen, and ministers wear street clothes. Prayer requests can be made by anyone in the congregation with the help of pew cards. Here, we also pray the Lord’s Prayer together. We hear a thought-provoking sermon. And we leave refreshed and strengthened to be God’s hands in the world.

For many, a contemporary service offers fellowship, warmth and relevance.

I’m handicapped. Will I be able to navigate your building/event/worship services?

St. Paul’s accommodates handicapped people in a variety of ways:

  • Parking for handicap-labeled vehicles – lower and upper parking lots
  • Reserved parking spaces for senior citizens – upper parking lot
  • Elevator next to the Library (upstairs) and by ramp leading out of Narthex/Sanctuary (downstairs)
  • Wheelchair seating – four locations throughout the Sanctuary
  • Large-print hymnals and church bulletins
  • An induction-loop assistive listening system. Simply switch your hearing aid, cochlear implant or tactile device to “t” (telephone)
  • Personal PA system amplifiers
  • Fragrance-free seating in the front of the Sanctuary (on the left side, as you face the altar)

For details on Sunday morning, please see an usher or greeter.